Photo portrait of Andy

Andy Graulund

I make things happen on the internet.

Frontend Web Developer


Hi! I’m Andy! I basically grew up with the internet, and have been doing web development since I was a teen. I’m very passionate about code and design coming together. And I love making useful things.

I’m a frontend/UI developer by trade, sitting between the hard tech and the design, loving every bit of it.

  • 10+ years of development experience, specializing in frontend and UI
  • Extensive design and UX experience
  • Worked on products that have been seen and used by hundreds of thousands of people
  • Very independent, highly solution oriented, and highly motivated

Currently at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation (DR) — previously at Google, DeviantArt among others


I have made these things out of frontend web technologies!

Selected work experience

Frontend Web Developer at the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation (DR)

2015–present, Copenhagen

I made a big impact in the organization over a longer period, working on many different projects — each reaching a large percentage of the Danish population. Often working in a senior role, I regularly make impactful technical decisions.

I am the lead frontend developer on DR Lyd, the website on which you can listen to live radio and podcast episodes. I oversaw — and executed — a transition from the previous older website to a modern Next.js/React-powered stack that integrated well with the rest of the organization’s technology. I also implemented a custom HLS.js player used in the project. It was a trailblazer; its success and stability made it the first of many Next.js solutions in the company.

Over the years, I became a main force in developing technology for visualizing and communicating results of national elections and referendums in Denmark through the use of a frontend React stack in a novel way: Creating solutions made specifically for the hosts in the studio; interactive results communication tools. We were tightly integrated with sometimes experimental hardware, and on multiple occasions, I was tech lead for several developers working on the product.

In 2016–2017, I was one of two frontend developers responsible for the development of the DR News app for iOS and Android, which was a React frontend web stack in (a convincing) disguise as a native app — and the first time React was used in the organization at all. In the early stages, I was a major factor in deciding the technological stack of the app, which is still in use today.

Full Stack Web Developer at Wemind

2009–2013, Copenhagen

Worked as a developer at a web agency on many different web/social media projects for corporations and government clients while pursuing my university studies.

UI Design Intern at Google

2011, Zurich

UI design intern on the Google Flights Search team. I did many visual mockups for site features, along with a lot of idea generation.

Interface Designer at DeviantArt

2010–2011, Remote

Worked as a junior-level interface designer while studying. I polished various areas of the site user interface. Implemented styling in CSS. Ideas and visual mockups. Was offered the job after showing a lot of initiative over several years on how to improve the site, after being a power user for half a decade.

Selected personal projects

In development, it’s all about the passion projects! I can’t let go of the keyboard at home!



I really love music! I really love statistics! So I fell in love with, a site that allows you to track exactly how much you’ve listened to various songs over time. Seeing potential for improvement, I started a side project that solves the same problems, but adds tons of interesting features. A deep dive into backend services, relational databases, and API integration. The system generates a daily playlist for me in Spotify based on my tastes — and I use it to this day.

The project uses Model/View/Controller, Service/Repository, and PSR-4 modern backend patterns, in order to keep a substantial code base organized.

Andy’s Charts


Demo of an interactive chart: This shows the number of times big tracks by The Weekend were played on a major Danish radio channel per day over a very prolific winter for the artist. Move your mouse over the titles to highlight a specific track

In order to display a visualization of the amount of times per day I have played a certain song, I created my own simple charting framework that creates area charts. I know, I know — there’s already a ridiculous amount of JavaScript charting frameworks out there. However, I had a hard time finding one that did exactly what I wanted to, and wasn’t overly complicated. So I made my own tiny framework in TypeScript, React and SVG. Small, sleek, to the point.



I wanted to learn the guitar. I made my own interactive visualization of a guitar fretboard in React; it shows all the pitches laid out, and allows you to select a key, highlighting the points on the fretboard containing pitches that are only present in the selected musical key.



A browser-based IRC client for Twitch with support for unique Twitch features, including username colors and emotes. A Node.js, React, WebSockets and Electron project, it was an enormous undertaking, and a great learning experience — at some point I even hosted it as a service.


During the covid pandemic, I became a live streamer on Twitch. I played community games; video games meant for viewers to join. Unfortunately, there are limited spots for viewers to join.

To solve the issue, I created a Node.js/React/WebSockets project that connects to Twitch’s API (REST and PubSub), and serves as a very integrated, intuitive queueing system. Once you are at the front of the queue, the application automatically gives you access to the game.

Everything became much more smooth, which elevated the viewing experience vastly, and I once again felt the joy I feel when software — relatively invisibly — solves a problem so well.


Professional level

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Next.js
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • HTML
  • HLS.js
  • WebSockets
  • Git

Very familiar with

  • PHP (Including modern development patterns)
  • MySQL (Advanced queries and indexing)
  • Regular expressions
  • Unix shells and web servers

Familiar with

  • Electron
  • Objective-C
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#


  • Native Danish speaker
  • Native-level English speaker (I’ve been mistaken for an American too many times…)


I’m pretty extroverted compared to a stereotypical developer. I see myself as the local fun guy. I like to brighten people’s days. And I like to talk — I’ve been a host of several podcasts and radio shows.

I really really really like music. I can go on about it forever. I also dig fitness, wellness, and audio engineering. Also: Design, art, bicycling, public transit, architecture, espresso, and music theory.